As Bill Gates once said: “Content is king”, and that remains true. What does that mean to you in terms of search engine optimization? The better the content, the more SERP positions you can get. It’s that simple! But what differentiates poor content from excellent content? Next, we will tell you a little about this, so continue reading What Makes Good Blog Content?

Great writing

For all content (written, audio, and video), correct grammar, proper spelling, and clear style are essential for both Google and the user who consumes it. Write naturally, write for your audience, and don’t try to trick Google by repeating the words you want to rank for unnecessarily and forcefully (“keyword stuffing”). That tactic doesn’t work and leads to a bad user experience. Google wants to eradicate this (it explicitly tells its quality raters to reject it). And let’s remember that with recent developments like BERT, Google is getting very good at interpreting natural language.


Having content that actually addresses the issues facing your audience is vital. If you want Google to recommend your content to its users, that content must add value to them. That means it is highly relevant information and provides a useful solution to the user’s problem or question. On a broader scale, consistently creating relevant and helpful content that solves user problems shows Google that you understand your audience and are trying to provide them with valuable content, and that builds credibility.
So focus on bringing real value to your audience with every piece of content you create. To deliver real value, you have to focus on user intent.

Search terms

What is your audience looking for? An SEO specialist has to clearly understand their audience in order to provide only the best keywords and topics for content. You can find the search terms, or keywords, they use by looking at tools like SEMrush, and also by asking your sales and support staff what questions customers ask them.

When you have a list that is the result of a combination of good study and an exhaustive research exercise, then stop to think carefully about the intention behind your searches and questions. Sometimes it will be obvious, but often the queries and questions are ambiguous, and the intent is not immediately obvious.

You have to understand your audience and provide valuable content that responds to the intent of their query.

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