The sites that would potentially see added value in linking to your website, the ones that may be relevant to your business and have the necessary authority, are often sites that your audience consults. Therefore, it is important that you have a good reading of your audience. Next, we will tell you a little about The Best Options For Link Building.

So, if you can understand what websites they visit, what authors they read, and what industry leaders they engage with, then you have valuable insight into the sites and people you can target.

Keep in mind that when looking for link opportunities, relevancy is the number one factor to consider, then factor number two is credibility, and number three in popularity.

To really help your SEO efforts, look for links to quality, relevant content, preferably on websites that are authoritative in your industry and, if possible, popular.

Contact The Website Owner

Once you’ve identified who you want to link to your site, you “simply” need to reach out to them and show them your content, explaining why it would be valuable and interesting to their users, and suggesting a link.

If you’ve selected correctly, this process can be quite natural (although it can be slow since people will rarely engage with you the first time you contact them, as mentioned above).

For it to work, your content has to be of high quality and add value to its users, exactly the same conditions that we pointed out before for Google.

Quality content that brings value to users is what everyone is looking for: website owners, journalists, influencers, bloggers, Google, and even us as users.

Guest Blogging

Writing articles for other relevant and authoritative websites can not only help build an author’s reputation but also allows you to build inbound links from a trusted and authoritative source.

This is one of the best opportunities for an SEO specialist to generate a backlink.

Ideas For Content That Generates Links

Data Pieces: Create content that includes unique and useful (or interesting) data analysis, especially original data.

Emotional content: Content that generates people’s emotions is great for getting links.

Humorous content: If you can hit the right note and your humor appeals to your audience, then this type of content is a great link earner. It’s also great for building buzz and gaining brand visibility on social media.

Collaborations: Create content that includes an industry influencer or thought leader. Citations, co-authoring, and interviews are three excellent examples in this regard. This type of content will have “added” authority as you are associating your brand with a recognized and relevant industry leader. With this type of content, you already have a link ready to use.

Authoritative/Decisive Pieces: Creating this type of content is hard but it pays dividends when you do it right. If your content covers a topic thoroughly, accurately, and adds value to the target audience, that makes link building easier.

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