If you’re interested in the realm of supply-side platforms but are unsure of what they are specifically or how they might help you as a publisher, stay reading because I can assure you that you will quickly grasp it. And what’s more, you’ll find out which the best SSP are, so stay tuned.

Publishers initially located marketers eager to post their ads on their websites and then offered them space directly. But as the display advertising business grew, a fresh problem emerged. Direct sales raised the issue of fill risk; as some inventory may remain unsold, a middleman or technological platform was needed to efficiently sell unsold inventory and automate the process. The advertising network then intervened.

An ad network is a type of technology platform that connects publishers and marketers. New technology platforms, including network optimizers, have emerged along with the increase in ad networks. These AdTech platforms were responsible for choosing the ad network that would deliver the best performance, i.e., sell the publisher’s inventory for the best price.

When real-time bidding (RTB) was introduced in the late 2000s, network optimizers evolved into a new category of AdTech platform, which we now refer to as supply-side platforms (SSPs). Publishers may sell their inventory to the best ad network thanks to the SSPs of today, which also give them the ability to link their inventory to many ad exchanges at once and maximise revenue.

What Do SSPs Do?

An advertising technology platform known as a supply-side platform is used by publishers to effectively and automatically manage, market, and optimise the available inventory (also referred to as ad space) on their websites and mobile apps. When users utilise an SSP, publishers can monetize their websites and applications by showing display, video, and native adverts to them.

Which Are The Best Ones?


MediaFem is a comprehensive internet advertising platform. We have developed a strong and user-friendly solution using cutting-edge technology and 12 years of industry experience to aid in the expansion and success of your website. By providing pertinent material and utilising the best techniques, you may create eye-catching advertising that will captivate visitors.

Our platform is better suited to provide marketers with higher-quality content than other ad networks. This technology responds to ad requests quickly and ensures that every impression is made in the best possible way on potential customers.

In exchange for showing MediaFem‘s advertisements, publishers receive 70% of the company’s service revenue. Your $100 minimum payout assures a consistent flow of income as your traffic increases.


A part of the Bing and Yahoo! networks is Media.net. It gives publishers quick access to one of the most active markets for keyword-targeted advertising. The size and scope of your niche are unimportant, and you can find sponsors who will support your material.

One of the most comprehensive technology portfolios in the industry belongs to Media.net in the areas of search, native, display, mobile, local, products, and video advertising. To handle the high-quality ad supply on more than 500,000 websites, Media.net has been granted licences by some of the largest publishers, ad networks, and other ad tech companies in the world.


With the help of the PubMatic platform, independent app developers and publishers can take control of and grow their digital advertising businesses. It lets marketers boost return on investment by engaging with and reaching their target consumers in branded-safe, premium environments across a variety of ad formats and platforms.

Their infrastructure-driven approach has enabled successful real-time data handling and use since 2006. By delivering scalable and adaptive programmatic innovation, they improve customer outcomes while fostering a robust and transparent digital advertising supply chain.