Achieving the expected benefit from Google AdSense is very easy as long as you know and comply with the terms of service and avoid common AdSense website problems. At MediaFem we tell you which are the 5 most recurring mistakes that Publishers make when starting AdSense:

Not knowing the terms of service

This is where first-time publishers often fail and make their first AdSense mistakes. It is more common than we suppose that there are publishers who begin to monetize their site without having considered the regulations of Google. This possibly leads to expulsion from the network, and once expelled from the network it will be very difficult to reintegrate. Lack of knowledge is no excuse, and that is why Google AdSense is very strict with its Terms and Conditions.

Register multiple Google AdSense accounts

By strict policy, AdSense allows only one account per person or entity. If it is discovered that there is more than one registered account, you will be banned instantly from all registered accounts to your person or entity. This means the loss of your potential income, so it is not worth risking in this way, since today an account can have as many sites registered as it wants. Google AdSense accounts are not transferable, assignable, or resold.

Not understanding the “content pages”

Another common mistake publishers make is not fully understanding what a content page is, what it is allowed to display, and how. Google rejects sites with broken links or sites lacking original content. The content pages should contain keywords associated with the topic of the page. These are the ones that will lead to visits to your site and they will be interested in clicking one of the related AdSense ads. The content must be unique and according to the theme of the site in question, obeying copyright. Nor can images be placed that annoy or block the view of the AdSense ad. Mainly you should omit pornographic content, related to hate and harassment, violent or illegal activity.

Change AdSense code

Google allows publishers to optimize and personalize their AdSense ads. There are those who claim that AdSense ad placement is the key to success. The color must be complementary to the page. It must match the color of the background, the borders, the text. However, it is firmly forbidden to make any changes to the actual ad, or to the code provided by Google.

Click request

Another catastrophic mistake for Google AdSense is clicking on the ad placed on its own site. Nor is it allowed to promote or request clicks from third parties or use click automation tools. Fraudulent clicks are strictly prohibited. Do not register your site in traffic exchanges or automatic navigation. Google investigates and with the simple suspicion, it can end in the partial or total lack of payment to the Publisher. For this reason, the Publisher is always recommended to have a click tracking tool to check the location of the ads and track the origin of the click.


Although these are the most common mistakes made by publishers, mostly first-timers, it does not mean that they are the only ones. Tell us, what was yours?


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