Publishers contemplating trying ad monetization on their domains should without any doubt keep video ads into consideration. These are some of the most captivating and interesting ads today, for the most part when it comes to Out-Stream video. 

As a website owner, you have the chance to choose among the usefulness and influence of In-Stream ads, which take the ads the moment the customer clicks on them, or you can monetize the Out-Stream ads, to get extended visible time by being known as less invasive. 

That is why it is always advised to publishers not to limit themselves to a single category of a video ad, but to execute the best combination to be able to raise profits doubly.

It goes without saying that keeping your domain profitable while given value to people who visit it is not simple. And it’s not always a quick job. In addition, there are plenty of monetization tactics and mechanisms to look over, but it all can become kinda laborious.

If you go entirely or even in part to monetize your website with video ads, looking for the best video advertising service to work with can be a hard task. But we know that Google AdSense is going to be one of your first options. This is a great solution to start with video ad monetization. It’s a very reachable ad tool and super effortless to initiate. But sooner or later, publishers needing to enhance their video ad monetization techniques will start having a look at what else is in the video ad market. 

Unfortunately, a lot of ambitious publishers get too thrilled and jump on without any tactic or instructions. That’s why they usually find themselves challenged with things that they have no idea how to control. And while you may not have any knowledge, training, or associations with brands to have a prosperous website performance, you still need a scheme to follow when you produce a website for yourself.

Whether you focus on a particular website or any type of solution, this is without a doubt a great way to write wherever you want to and generate income simultaneously.

You can look at Google Adsense Alternatives like the following:


MediaFem is an SSP network located in the UK, with more than 13 years of contact with ad monetization. Many publishers around the world use its video ad codes to stimulate users to view more posts on the same website or to raise their incomes for referral traffic. Powered by a modern imminent mechanism, the platform equips publishers with skills that are vital to digital marketing success, including A/B testing, smart reporting, and personalization features.

Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any sum cost as they work with a Revenue Share Model 70% for Publishers and 30% for them. These percentages are consistent, in spite of a publisher’s geographic area, and are not in any way shared between all publishers. 

For us this will be our main recommendation to start, you can sign up in MediaFem here.


Primis is one of the best video advertising networks. Its nucleus is on native advertising and provides lots of designs to pick from including in-view ads. The network has served more than 1.3 billion video ads thanks to its 120 million distinctive users.

The solution is very popular for its special discovery mechanisms that use Artificial Intelligence, audience targeting, and contextual targeting to distribute pertinent ads based on the content in the blog post, without even requiring you to own your own video content.

The network is secure to use and preserves users against fraud. Besides, the ads are meticulously chosen to enhance RPMs and improve video ad monetization.


Viewdeos is another video ad network that focuses on video advertising solutions. It’s very popular for monetizing short-form videos to boost sellable inventory and increase the amount of revenue.

This service highlights user experience and provides lots of options for video ad formats. The platform utilizes special testing tools for quality text videos to assure the best user experience is provided to the user.

The algorithm is very trustworthy. It rigorously observes the best performing ad to make sure relevancy.

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