I know we are still half way through 2022, but we should start thinking and planning for 2023, right? That’s why we’ve put together a list of the biggest Supply-Side Platforms to use next year. So continue reading and start getting ready for what’s next for your business.

The use of supply-side platforms (SSPs), which create and sell ad inventory to marketers on an impression-by-impression or visitor-by-visitor basis, enables publishers to monetize their websites. Publishers may give marketers more visibility into specific impressions and get a quick understanding of the advertising demand by selling ads in real-time.

The benefits of using a SSP are many, but some of them are a transparent reporting system, support for multiple ad formats, best price floors, control over ad display and brand safety. These are some of the reasons why so many publishers choose to use these platforms on their blogs and websites in order to get more revenue without risking the quality of their sites.

Choosing the best Supply-Side Platform might be difficult because there are so many available. In order to assist you in making a wise choice, we have examined three of the greatest ones.


An all-encompassing online advertising platform is MediaFem. Using cutting-edge technology and 12 years of industry experience, we have created a robust and user-friendly solution to help your website grow and succeed. You may produce eye-catching advertising that will captivate visitors by offering relevant content and using the best strategies.

Compared to other ad networks, our platform is more suited to offer marketers higher-quality content. This platform reacts to ad requests swiftly, making sure that every impression is presented to your potential consumers in the best possible light.

Publishers are compensated with 70% of MediaFem‘s revenue from the service in exchange for airing its adverts. As your traffic grows, your $100 minimum payout ensures a steady stream of money.


Media.net is a component of the Bing and Yahoo! networks. It provides rapid access for publishers to one of the busiest markets for keyword-targeted marketers. Your niche’s size and scope are irrelevant, and you can locate sponsors that will align with your content.

In the fields of search, native, display, mobile, local, goods, and video advertising, Media.net has one of the most complete technological portfolios in the business. Some of the biggest publishers, ad networks, and other ad tech businesses in the world have licensed Media.net to manage high-quality ad supply on over 500,000 websites.


Independent app developers and publishers may take charge of and expand their digital advertising businesses with the PubMatic platform. By engaging with and reaching their target consumers in branded-safe, premium environments across a range of ad formats and platforms, it enables marketers to increase return on investment.

Since 2006, their infrastructure-driven strategy has made it possible to handle and use data effectively in real time. They enhance customer outcomes by delivering scalable and adaptable programmatic innovation, all while supporting a thriving and open digital advertising supply chain.

Now you are ready to start planning for 2023. Don’t hesitate to try these platforms out and choose the one that best fits your needs. Leave a comment below and tell us about your decision!