Undertaking in any situation is not easy. And doing it with few resources adds another plus of problems to those already inherent to the enterprise itself. To reduce the risks, we will give you some advice about the process in general, but, above all, we want to remind you that YOU CREATE A BLOG!
Blogging is not easy either, but your whole process can be converted into content, and do it from the beginning, in addition to earning a place on the web, it will give you practice and a posting history for when it’s time to monetize.

Could you undertake it without money? Yes, but if it is already difficult to do it with resources, undertaking without money would exponentially multiply your problems. Today we have these recommendations:

Tip #1 Focus on yourself

First of all, lean startup mentality, which in a nutshell is: look for a problem, find a solution, go to market and try it as soon as possible. And then, as you iterate on your solution with market feedback, modify it and adapt it to the real needs of your customers. And all that, managing the resources you have very well. Two classic manuals will be of great help to you: The Lean Startup Method, by Eric Ries, The Entrepreneur’s Manual, by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf.

Tip #2 A basic budget

Don’t start without money. How many? Well, it will depend on several factors, because opening a physical store is not the same as selling products online or offering your services as a professional. Depending on one or the other option, the number of resources you would need to undertake safely would be greater or less.

Tip #3 Money Awareness

It is important to know how much money you have and how much you can dispose of. That you undertake with few resources does not mean that you do not keep a statement of your accounts. We recommend that you do the numbers before starting and also after opening the business. In the first case, it will help you to know how much money you will need to start, and if you do not have it, look for it. And in the second, how much money for day to day. In this way, you will prevent yourself from ‘hitting it’ when the first unforeseen events arise. Which, rest assured, there will be.

Tip #4 Blog it

Create a blog! We already told you at the beginning: that your entire process is content. Make the most of it by translating it into a blog. This will allow you to have content on your page even before launching your services or products. You will already have a certain audience and your presence on the web will have a greater impact.

Tip #5 Monetize!

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