As search users become savvier, it’s no surprise to learn that they’re becoming more concerned about their internet security. Advertising professionals have seen a significant increase in the number of search engines that put privacy at the heart of their business. Here are a few engines that are privacy-focused so you can investigate how to improve your SEO for them. Therefore, keep reading SEO And Search Engines That Protect Privacy.


Even though DuckDuckGo is becoming more and more popular, it only accounts for 1.5% of the market in the United States.

It is considered one of the best search engines to protect user data, so it is not surprising that it has gained market share. It does not collect any data about the search terms performed or about your personal information, which explains its increase in popularity.

One of the functions to take into account is the “Bang” search. You can use this feature when you know where you want to search (Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, etc.). Click on the “Bang” button and you will perform the search on the chosen site. DuckDuckGo makes it clear that if you visit other websites, you will be subject to their policies, including how they collect your data.


Startpage makes the bold statement that they are the most private search engine in

the world. As a consequence, it had some interesting media coverage at the time, as well as a third-party audit by the European Privacy Seal.’s claims are backed by its “no logs” policy. The “no logs” policy means you don’t know who your users are; they do not store the IP address of browsers or tracking cookies.

If you’re simply looking for a search engine that delivers relevant results with the peace of mind that privacy comes first, is the right choice for you.

3. Qwant

Qwant claims that they “respect your privacy,” making it another option for those looking for a true alternative to Google search.


Unlike other Internet search engines that put privacy first, Qwant uses its indexing engine combined with Bing results to avoid filtering search results and users getting stuck in the so-called filter bubble.

Since this search engine is based in Paris, it is essential to know that European privacy protection laws are much stricter than in other places in the world, such as the United States.

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