It is no secret that for the monetization of your blog to work you need to generate good content. As we have said in other articles, good content includes regular content. If your audience doesn’t receive regular updates from your site, not only will you have poor views on old content, but you’ll also lose views on future content.

Surely you know content planning tools for their usefulness in AdWord advertising strategies and for SEO actions, but they are also very practical for designing the editorial calendar of a content advertising strategy. For when you are left blank, but above all to detect which topic related to your activity may be more popular, continue reading this article!

Google Keyword Planner

With the Google keyword planner, you will discover what words your potential customers use when they search for content related to your activity. And thus find new words related to your theme. For example, when searching for restaurants, cheap restaurants, restaurants in Madrid, nearby restaurants, trendy restaurants, with a terrace will appear… you already have topics to talk about. In addition, with this tool you can know the average number of monthly searches for each word, to know the interest that users have. And the search trends, that is, if these searches are continuous or are only carried out in specific periods.

Google Trends

It will allow you to see the latest trends on any topic and in real time. We suggest that you use the option to subscribe to keywords, to receive alerts when there is an increase in searches for a specific term that you can take advantage of to create content that is being talked about at that moment.


Take a good look at the suggestions that Google makes when you are typing any word in the search engine. They are the strings of words that users use to search (in addition to your own) and can help you discover new topics.

Google Suggest

In Google results, related searches always appear at the bottom of the page in which the search engine offers more suggestions for word combinations that can inspire you.


Another free keyword combination tool with which you can get new combinations of words. It works in a similar way to Google searches: you enter the Ubersuggest website and a box appears in which you can write the keywords you want and then indicate where you want to search: on the web, on YouTube, in news… and the language search.

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