Native advertising is a type of advertising that involves the use of content; such as a video or article, to promote another product. It can be used as a way to generate revenue for publishers.

One way publishers are using native advertising is through an ad network. Ad networks are websites that sell ads on behalf of publishers. Publishers earn money from the ad network by showing ads on their site and publicists earn money by getting people to click on their ads. MediaFem can be used in place of Google Adsense, which only pays out per click and does not provide any other benefits for publishers.

Why does native advertising work?

According to surveys by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), 53% of users are more attracted to native advertising than to other traditional formats. To understand the reason for this success, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the user and understand what their browsing experience is like.

Generally, when we visit a web page, we can see a large number of banner ads. As users have become “desensitized” to them, they have become more visible, more intrusive, and more annoying to try to get attention. The result is that the reading or consumption experience of the content is affected and, instead of being attracted to the business, the user perceives the ads as an annoyance. So much so, that the use of ad blocker programs has increased by 92% since 2014.

In contrast, native advertising is seamlessly integrated into the user’s browsing experience. For example, to offer content similar to what they have just read and therefore might be interested in. In this way, it not only allows you to bypass advertising blockers but also makes it much more attractive.

For users, native advertising has many advantages. Instead of invading you to claim your attention, it offers you something that really interests you and that you want to consume.

Although it is labeled as advertising, it does not generate a reaction of rejection and avoidance. This is because it tells you things that you want to know. And for publicists, it’s an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers so they can develop the company story much more extensively than traditional banners. As the Anglo-Saxons say, it’s a win-win!

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