The graphic and visual arts market has been one of the most important industrial sectors in the last decade. Although the experts also recognize that it is an activity that has been caught by the evolution of technology. The graphic sector has been very competitive. He has made a lot of money during this time. It is a sector that has invested in the best technologies to produce, but many experts maintain that research has been lacking. The outstanding quality role has been made with technology from other sectors. When the business model takes a turn, the industry finds itself with a significant investment in heavy machinery and no time to react. It is important, therefore, to start researching, sharing knowledge, and establishing contacts. Therefore, if you are an expert in these topics, it is your opportunity to share and monetize through a blog. Continue reading Monetize Your Knowledge Of Design And Graphic Arts With A Blog and learn more about it.


You may not have thought about it, but in a blog, you can share EVERYTHING you do. If you work as a designer or illustrator, the results of your work are probably in print, right? All of this IS CONTENT! They are opportunities to generate content and show how you work, the technology you use, and the results you get.

In addition, there are opportunities in all those services aimed at multichannel communication, that is, that you offer the client not only printed advertising, but also communication on the web, on social networks, and on large graphic and audiovisual posters. All this is enriching content for your colleagues and clients!

The design has to be part of the company culture. For example, we do not sell oil like the Italians because they incorporate the design of their bottles or we do not know how to sell our chairs, which are more resistant than the foreign competition, because the design is not inculcated within the business culture. You can easily dedicate a blog to these issues! If you can identify what a niche like this is looking for, you can get customers as well as passive income.

Sectors related to packaging, sustainability, and the added value that can be added to a product through packaging and labeling will happily take advantage of content aimed at them. Technology and new non-polluting materials are currently booming and not too many take care of it.

It happens that many SMEs or companies have excellent products, but do not know how to sell them. Generating content for these sectors and for designers who want to work with these sectors is a doubly profitable strategy.

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