Are you looking for a way to increase visits to your UK website or blog? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Nowadays, the United Kingdom is demographically made up of more than 66 million inhabitants. This means that many people use social networks, blogs, and others. With these figures in mind, there are methods to have in count that can help you increase the visits to your blog/website and generate a greater reach.

Ad networks are platforms that can help you achieve your goal since they are CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) based advertising networks that provide you with ads to your websites or blog for free, without charging a subscription. They also allow you to generate more income from your traffic as these ads are monetized.

As there are many ad platforms, we help you choose the right one for you. Starting with the following three options.


1. MediaFem

With over 12 years of industry experience and offices in the United Kingdom, MediaFem is dedicated to helping your online business achieve success through advertising by providing highly intelligent and results-driven solutions.

The platform uses cutting-edge technologies to improve its clients’ ad monetization experience. Another key benefit is that MediaFem has a non-averaged income share plan for publishers that is unaffected by the actual location of the publisher. MediaFem provides ad monetization services for all major desktop and mobile video formats, including in-stream, overlay, and banner ads.


2. StartApp

StartApp is a mobile technology company that handles a variety of tasks, such as handling the upload and marketing of your app across numerous channels, streamlining the distribution process, and analyzing how users engage with your app and brand. This allows us to provide relevant information, push alerts, and other interactions to your clients, increasing their engagement with your app and its features, resulting in increased eCPMs, fill rates, and revenue for you.


3. Clickadu

Clickadu is an ad network for publishers that serves over 740 million ad impressions every day. PopUnder, video advertising, and banner advertisements are among the ad kinds available on desktop and mobile devices.

There is no minimum traffic requirement, so even small publishers may profit from their goods. It’s quite easy to get started with ClickAdu. You must first register, be accepted, then input the company’s code and begin working. The company pays on a Net-15 basis with a $100 minimum payment.


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