Blogs, websites, apps and e-commerce, can be of very good help when it comes to redirecting more traffic to your domain. Hence, Native advertising networks like RevContent can help you accomplish your objectives if you’re planning to try AdSense Arbitrage.

The network lets you send your content to an audience that you know can raise CTRs, which can after some time drive some traffic to your website, blog, or app.

The improvement made in the ad tech world is growing daily. Publishers have to continuously search for alternative ways for monetizing their domains. This can happen because of improvements that take place in the advertising market or because typical ways to monetize fail to generate the best results.

If you want to know how you can monetize your website and gain revenue simultaneously, it all concludes in bringing more traffic to your blog or website. Publishers always rely on organic traffic, but that might not be sufficient to improve impressions and rates. Furthermore, publishers also have to keep compliant with network policies, which extra complicates things.

While traffic works excellent for publishers that have popular websites, it may not be much for beginner publishers. Because of this, several publishers decide to spend for redirecting traffic to their apps, blogs or websites. This is known as traffic arbitrage.

Once finished the paid traffic being redirected to your website is assumed to convert into better impressions and rates. The most essential part of making money with Arbitrage is to pay for traffic under the amount of money Google AdSense is paying you for putting their ads into your domain. 

How Does Traffic Arbitrage Work? Which Are Their Benefits?

AdSense is a free advertising tool that helps publishers to make money by putting their ads that have to be acceptable to their website’s content, and close to the user’s geographic area as well. 

AdSense basically puts ads on your website or blog based on your written or visual content and the interests of people who visit your site. The ads are made and paid for by advertisers who want to share some services. Since these advertisers pay inequitable amounts of money for ads, the amount you get can vary.

There are many publishers who don’t work because they are only living from the money of their domains thanks to Traffic Arbitrage.

But regrettably, since it is so famous and everyone wants to try it, AdSense made the embracing system almost impossible to get in. If you make some omissions, you could get declined or even banned from Google AdSense. So, now that we know what Digital Arbitrage is and how it works, here are a few reasons why AdSense could decline your Subscription form.

  • Website Design
  • Website With No Privacy Policy
  • Website Does Not Respect Google AdSense Policies

If you have a domain and you want to start gaining some money from it, then AdSense could be one of your main options. This is an awesome way to start evaluating ad monetization and see how it goes. It’s a very popular ad network very easy to establish. But at some point, publishers will start having a deep look at what else is in the advertising industry.

AdSense is a very simple tool to run, but if your content is not pertinent you may have to look in other places. Google cares a lot about the content of a domain before accepting it. If the content is badly written and inaccurate, Google will reject it sooner or later.

But the content also has to be unique. So the number one motive is the badly written content on your domain.

With that being said, it is obvious that AdSense arbitrage is not so easy. So, in this post we provide you some tips that publishers should keep in mind when they want to try digital arbitrage.

Give What You Guarantee

Rather than try with organic traffic first, you are leveraging acquired paid traffic. If you’re using any source to buy traffic, make sure your blog or site is not just AdSense optimized but is true in terms of providing what the ad promised.

In case you use Twitter to show a product ad, your destination website should have it.

Set Up A High-Quality Destination Website

Google puts high quality first and gives recompensation to a good user experience. As a publisher, you must make sure it’s a good landing page. A good landing page provides a simple experience, with almost no page load time, exceptional content, and engagement with the ad. 

Control Your Traffic Sources

Even if you are having a very good quantity of paid traffic, you have to mindfully watch your traffic sources. You will need to ensure that no traffic source or third-party is redirecting your pirate traffic. Since AdSense rigorously manages material, not ensuring policy compliance can guide your account from being rejected.

If Monetizing with RevContent Adsense Arbitrage Is Not An Option, Which Is the Best Alternative?

You can look at other Good Alternatives. One of the best is MediaFem. Founded more than 13 years ago, MediaFem always keeps up with the newest solutions in the digital industry. The Publisher connects with a platform that offers transparency and diurnal control of their records. Such is the transparency and security they provide, that the use of their services is totally free, their work model is based on Revenue Share 70% for Publishers and 30% for them.

Their solutions allow the publisher to choose from header bidding or the regular One Ad Code option. MediaFem offers all kinds of formats like video, display, mobile, and native.

Sign up is Free, you can do it here.

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