If you have a monetized blog, you already know that it is necessary to be constantly innovating. It is not enough to monetize and expect the income to generate itself. It is important to be original and make it easy for your visitors to read. Therefore, today we tell you a little about how to Increase Your Blog Traffic: Podcasts, Webinars, And E-Books.


This is audio-only content. Podcasts are booming and very popular, especially in specific niches. Just like videos and images, Google shows them in normal search results.

Regardless of the country, people listen to podcasts, because they allow you to constantly follow updates on topics of interest (46%) and learn something new (39%). Sometimes people just want to fill their time with something (25%) or listen to something other than music (22%).

But the reasons vary depending on the age group. Older listeners are more interested in staying up to date, while younger listeners are looking for podcasts that will entertain them or fill their time. In the UK, for example, you can see important differences between younger age groups: Gen Z (18-24) are less likely to use podcasts to learn something; instead, they will look for entertainment content or alternatives to music. Gen Y (ages 25-34) also want to have fun but tend to fill their free time with educational content and news.


A webinar is a live meeting or presentation that is open to the public. They’re a great way to engage and build your audience, but they also provide great long-term content because after the live event you can post it to YouTube as a video that people can watch at any time.

There are 3 different formats or ways to make them:

  1. You can do it yourself (as a single speaker) and stream it from your home or office.
  2. Have co-presenters assist you in presenting (either alongside you or from a distance).
  3. Or participate in an online conference with several presenters distributed around the world.


They are downloadable books, usually in PDF format, that companies usually give away for free. They’re perfect for distributing in-depth content that’s too long for an article and can be used wisely to learn more about your audience. The ideal would be to have a home page with an introduction to the e-book and then ask for an email for the user to download it. Not only does this give you valuable SEO-related traffic, but it also allows you to collect emails from potential clients for future advertising efforts.

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