You can monetize your website regardless of how many visits you have or the quantity or quality of content. However, logically you will not get the same income as if you have a plan and research the information you need to know for it. In this article we will tell you a little about how to Improve Your Site Monetization: Learn About Google Ranking Factors.

Google Ranking Factors

Google’s algorithm takes thousands upon thousands of signals into account when evaluating a page to determine where it should be positioned for a specific user query.

When we talk about ranking factors, we are simply identifying which groups of signals have the most influence on the performance of a piece of content in a Google search.

From your perspective, we’re identifying what aspects of your content, website, and reputation you can improve to more effectively drive Google’s opinion of your content, and thus rank higher in search results.

These are the main search engine optimization factors that you must fulfill correctly in order for your content to rank higher on Google (there are more than 200, so we only detail the most important ones in this guide).

On-page optimization for search engines

As the name suggests, on-page signals are those that Google finds on the page of your website.

They are the aspects that you control directly, so they are the easiest to correct.

Technical SEO

Speed: People don’t like to wait, so Google wants to send their users to a page that loads quickly. Make sure all your content loads fast, even on a slow internet connection.

Mobile responsiveness: Content should look good and provide a good user experience on mobile devices. Google’s index is now mobile-centric, so mobile usability has a major influence on rankings.

Code quality: Google needs clean and clear code in order to assimilate and understand your content efficiently and effectively. To date, Google can “read” some programming languages ​​better than others (ie HTML over JavaScript); however, this does not mean that you should not use the latter on your site. It simply means that you need to make sure that Google can access your content efficiently in all cases.

Security: A secure site is a credible site. Simply put, markup explains your content to Google in a format that Google can easily assimilate and understand. markup is a BIG boon to Google, and can also be invaluable in helping you rank higher in SERPs when there’s a Featured Snippet or Instant Response.

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