Are you here because you can’t quite wrap your head around the idea that you can make money out of your website? Let us tell you that this is, indeed, not only possible but quite simple to monetize. Read on and find out how to get started with content and traffic arbitrage.

Arbitrage is the process of purchasing a commodity and then selling it back on a separate market to make a profit. Though the phrase is most commonly associated with stock exchanges, it can also be applied to the field of digital advertising. Many well-known websites, in fact, use this method to generate cash. So, how does it function, and what strategies can you employ to make this work on your webpage?

In theory, content and traffic arbitrage is fairly straightforward. A website creates its own unique content and then purchases traffic from other websites, usually in the form of native advertisements. People begin to click on them and visit the company’s website. The advertisement then begins marketing its own products to make a profit. 

So, to sum up, Traffic arbitrage is an online income strategy in which you acquire traffic at one price and sell it for a higher one. And that is why you should definitely start using this strategy on your business, may it be a website or blog. 

Where Can I Get Traffic And Who Can I Offer It To?

Social networking should be your first stop. This is where you acquire targeted advertising and use it to direct visitors to the marketer so that they become business clients, funneling money to the advertising company for specific activities. You can put ads in a variety of methods, including through social media advertising accounts, internal or external advertising exchanges, or using advertising networks. 

There are a plethora of networks to choose from. However, the question is whether all of these ad networks have more equitable arbitrage methods. That’s why, after analyzing most of these platforms, we urge you to take a look at MediaFem.

MediaFem is a full-featured SSP platform located in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization experience. On it, several publishers buy ad codes to encourage customers to read more articles on the same page or to increase revenue from referral traffic.

Publishers may access resources, intelligence information, and personalization choices through the network, which is powered by a strong prediction algorithm. 

Publishers have a variety of formats to select from, which may be utilized in web pages, blogs, and applications. Video, mobile, online, and native advertising are all available with MediaFem.

You need to take into account that MediaFem has some guidelines you need to follow. For example, you must create original workplace safe content, there must be no file-sharing or pirated content and automatic downloads are not permitted.

How Can I Get Started With Mediafem?

Publishers must complete a basic registration process in order to get started:

  1. Go to and select “Sign up.”
  2. Fill up the form with your name, Website URL or Download URL (only for mobile apps), email address, and password. 
  3. After being accepted, you will be able to access your dashboard. Navigate to ‘Ad units,’ then ‘Add ad unit,’ and then choose any format you want from the drop-down option.
  4. After checking the critical information, you save your modifications, and that’s it! Your website will start displaying advertisements, and you will be reimbursed for each contact with it.