The ease of expressing reviews or opinions on the net is inversely proportional to the ability to monetize those opinions, and in the world of movies is more real than ever, since anyone can write their review on Twitter and overshadow others’ in-depth analysis with less than 280 characters.

Imagine that you want to make a review against one of the largest media and film conglomerates of the moment, be it Netflix, Prime Video or Disney, it is likely that no platform accepts the summaries since it would mean being on the negative side of the largest production company in the world, so you have to know how to produce independently.

While everyone can open a blog or a page, the problem is in the sustenance, since AdSense can present articles for your page but it would take almost two months to enable them, for independent writers, there are pages like MediaFem, responsible for being the link between Google ads and blogs that are just starting out.

MediaFem is one of the best ad platforms for making money from your movie reviews. It’s evident that, as a novice, generating fresh revenues will be difficult because it’s not as simple as you think. It takes perseverance and desires to always publish material, despite the fact that you’ll have lazy moments.

You may earn money with MediaFem without selling anything to anyone, registering it on an unfamiliar gaming app, or downloading something dubious to your mobile device.

If you want to know how to make money with MediaFem, this is all the details you have to know.

You only need to paste the MediaFem ad codes into the gaming mobile apps and wait for your visitors to click on them. The best part is that MediaFem is intelligent and can decipher your content, ensuring that the ad you place is relevant to your work. Thereby, ads are consolidated naturally and you get clicks effortlessly while your visitors thank you for having made that suggestion.

How MediaFem Works? 🛠️

MediaFem works by evaluating the material provided on the gaming app with an algorithm in order to present related advertisements that may be of interest to a visitor. If you copy and paste the ad code provided by this ad monetization site, you will earn money when a visitor clicks on it.

How Much Money Can Be Earned with MediaFem? 💼

The amount of money you can make is always related to the number of visits per day that your blog post has. Moreover, you can post 6 ads per page approximately to get more impressions or click chances. Another thing that determines what you can gain is the niche of the gaming mobile app, because there are clicks that are more valuable than others because of the final performance of the ad.

How does MediaFem pay? 📅

 MediaFem sends your payments by bank transfer or Paypal. They send money to any country (worldwide).  Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any sum cost as they work with a Rev. Share model of 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent, regardless of a publisher’s geographic location, and are not in any way averaged between publishers.

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