Are you looking for the best alternatives to PopAds to monetize your website? Well, search no more. We’ve brought you 3 amazing variants so you can choose the one that fits best for you and your business.

Who hasn’t come across pop-under ads while surfing the net? This type of advertisement appears in a different window on a user’s previously visited page. This form of ad does not obstruct the user’s view of the original site, but rather appears in the background, which makes it totally noninvasive and makes the experience online a little bit more comfortable.

Despite the rise in popularity of pop-up and ad blockers,this sort of advertising has remained the most common method of traffic monetisation. This is because it’s probably the cheapest type of online advertising there is, and therefore, it is highly cost-effective.

While PopAds is probably the best known tool for pop-under ads, you can always try to think outside of the box and go for something extraordinary. That’s why we are going to introduce you to some of the many amazing options out there that can help you bring more traffic to your website. Here are the 3 main competitors of PopAds.


MediaFem is a full-stack ad monetization platform with 12 years of industry expertise. Using cutting-edge technology, they’ve created a powerful and simple-to-use system to help your website develop and prosper. They take pleasure in being able to provide publishers with higher-quality material than other ad networks.

As personalisation is key, MediaFem has a format for every need. You can choose from a variety of placement options, not only pop-unders, that can be tailored to your site’s layout and design. And what is best, they charge no additional costs. Consequently, they work on a 70-30% rate, which means that 70% of the revenue goes to the publishers, who will get their money in only 53 days.

They have integrated ad serving for display, mobile, video and more, which makes this tool one of the best in the market.


YlliX is a desktop and mobile ad network that includes popunders, sliders, layer advertisements, and full-page ads, among other ad formats. In addition, it offers instant account acceptance, reasonable pricing, detailed reports, and timely payments.

They accept publishers and traffic from all over the world and the payment minimum is extremely low. They offer many payment options, so you can choose the one you like or which serves you the most.


PopMyAds is a company based in the US, created in 2011. Something interesting about this tool is that they accept sites related to any topic, including adult content, and they review your website in 24 hours. 

They ask for no minimum traffic to register and you can generate profit from every visitor in the world. You can quickly assess your profits from their platform and keep track of your income with real time stats.