Are you looking for a good native advertising platform? Check these ones!

Native advertising platforms are a medium that allows both publishers and advertisers to achieve their advertising objectives by synchronizing advertisements with web content. A native ad does not have the look of an ad. Instead, it looks to be a natural extension of the online material that the consumer is seeing. 

This enables native advertising networks to offer advertisements in a non-intrusive manner, ensuring content discovery without interfering with user experience. Because of this, 71 percent of people stated they directly identify with a company after viewing its native advertisements, compared to 50 percent for display ads, while native ads produce more than 86 percent of impressions.


Traditional advertising is more likely to be ignored by users and visitors than native advertising since it appears to be a part of the experience. They are not invasive in comparison, so even if a user does not like them, he may not mind them. Display advertisements of other sorts may be highly invasive and annoying.

Knowing all this, then you probably think that using a native advertising platform is the best way to promote your content. To help you with that, we put together the best three for you to use:


MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that uses programmatic platforms to link content websites with advertisers and then collects a fee based on the software’s on-site income. It has developed a set of adaptive marketing standards that enable each advertising to target those who are interested in the material being provided.

MediaFem takes pride in being able to provide marketers with higher-quality content than other ad networks. This system responds fast to ad requests, ensuring that each impression is delivered for the greatest possible viewing experience. MediaFem became the firm it is today by providing relevant content and running more efficiently than other ad networks.


Although you may not be familiar with Nativo, if you are an ad publisher for a media website, it can be a terrific option. This ad network has supplied native advertising for Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Inc. and has no traffic limits. It provides a wide range of targeting choices and ad formats, as well as AdStore, which allows publishers to select and activate many monetization partners at the same time.

There is no minimum online traffic requirement, however there is a $50 payment threshold. Pricing models such as eCPM and vCPM are also available.


According to the ad publisher’s website, RevContent delivers 250 billion unique content suggestions every month and has collaborated with a variety of advertisers and publishers, including Forbes and Wayfair. The advertising network provides marketers with a self-service function, allowing them to show native advertising tailored to their specific company needs.

Your traffic source must generate more than 3 million page views per month in order to be considered for this native advertising network. Have in mind that RevContent accepts both CPC and vCPM, with a $50 minimum payment requirement.


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