Are you looking for the best way to monetize your new website? In this article, we’ll explain to you how to increase your earnings. Don’t miss this information and take your accountancy and stats to the next level!

Nowadays, there are a huge number of possibilities and ways that let you earn money through the internet, but not all of them display the same methods, requirements, possibilities, percentages of earning, and more. But there is one effective, friendly, and trustable method that allows you to improve your earnings as well as your stats. Advertising networks are the stars of this show.

Through managing your site, adding advertisements lets you earn money from every interaction you receive from your viewers, with the advertisement displayed on your page. This interaction can be just a scroll over the ad or maybe a click; it doesn’t matter! You’ll be generating income from the comfort of your couch. Advertising firms are an excellent way to generate income from which all aspects of income generation benefit.

Keep calm if you are concerned about the type of advertisements that the company will place on your site; these are sold based on the algorithms on your service and your viewers. In this way, you can generate more interest and have more possibilities for interaction with the ads. Algorithms are studied and analyzed, so there will be no problems.

About CPM: It is an abbreviation for “cost per mille,” also known as “cost per thousand impressions.” It is the cost of having an advertisement on a website published and seen 1,000 times. Using the CPM approach, businesses can profit from each ad that is displayed. It is the most commonly used pricing method for mobile ads, as well as the most popular among mobile publishers. As you see, advertising networks are able to reach every electronic device with internet access.

There are numerous platforms to choose from when building a website, but the end result will vary depending on which one you select. You must consider all of the facts, which is a difficult task, especially when they all appear to be good at first sight. That’s why we have made your work a bit easier. We created a shortlist of the three best companies able to manage your new site.


MediaFem is the most useful and well-known advertising firm. Displaying text or images on your site, adding banners, and enticing users to scroll through them can all help you make money. One of the most crucial things to remember is that MediaFem does not require you to have a certain amount of traffic or views. From the very first view, you begin to make money.

It has developed a set of customizable branding that enables each ad to target clients who are interested in the information offered. Bloggers receive 70% of the money collected by MediaFem in exchange for displaying adverts on the site.


The most appealing feature of the ad network ylliX is its openness to new publishers: there are no traffic criteria to join, no daily payouts, and a $1 minimum compensation. ylliX will also approve your website promptly after you join up due to its simple prerequisites.

This self-serve platform lets you create mobile and desktop advertising, such as banners, sliders, anchors, in-app, pop-ups, and push notifications, and run campaigns based on impressions, clicks, and actions. ylliX also provides a substantial referral programme in which you may earn up to $100 for each new user you refer. Best for publishers looking for a self-service platform with a variety of ad formats and campaign types.

3-Sovrn // Commerce

For newbie publishers, Sovrn /Commerce is an  option that gives a variety of display advertisements, video commercials, and affiliate links to use on their pages, as well as automating the selection of relevant ads based on your content.

Sovrn /Commerce is also strong on data – you’ll have access to a reporting platform where you can track the performance of your advertising and determine which of your pages receives the most ad engagement. You can also opt for a cost-per-impression or cost-per-click monetization plan.

Finally, Sovrn /Commerce has no hurdles to entry – simply sign up. The minimum payout through PayPal is $10, while the minimum payout through direct transfer is $50. Beginner publishers conducting cost-per-impression or cost-per-click campaigns will benefit the most.

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