Do you want to know the best ad networks for Indian traffic? To monetize your blog or website, we recommend reading this article.

In the latest years, ad networks have increased in popularity, particularly among publishers with huge volumes of web traffic who want to optimize their ad revenue. That’s why the best way is to use CPC.


Using CPC is the best way to monetize your blog or website in India due to the fact that your campaigns will be better with these ads, you can reach new audiences and obtain more traffic at a lower price with the best conditions. With this method, you can catch potential visitors.

What Are The CPC Ads?

CPC is when you pay for each click on your advertisements through cost-per-click (CPC) it is means when an advertiser pays the publisher for each time their ad is clicked within the publisher’s inventory, which could be a mobile app or a website. The cost per click (CPC) is computed by multiplying the total cost of your clicks by the number of clicks.

Cost per click, like CPI, varies depending on the advertising platform, the geographic location of an ad campaign’s target audience, and other considerations.

The best CPC ad networks for your blog or website are: 

1- MediaFem

MediaFem connects publishers with global and local brands. It will allow you to monetize and market your website or blog. It is well-known for its optimization, intelligence reports, and a variety of ad types. You can choose from video, display, native, desktop, and mobile phone options based on your interests.

On mobile apps, MediaFem allows you to place up to five commercials per page and three advertisements per screen. 

Many publishers all over the world utilize their ad codes to encourage viewers to read more articles on the same site or to boost referral traffic earnings. The platform, which is powered by a modern predictive engine, provides publishers with features like A/B testing, intelligence reporting, and personalization that are critical to digital media success.

2- AdCash

AdCash is an advertising network that offers ads to 200 million unique users per day through 10,000+ active campaigns. It is known for its ability to sell ads that target customers based on their interests.

Publishers may identify invalid traffic and anticipate inventory performance of various ad formats, such as pop-ups, interstitial advertising, and native ads, using in-house technology.

They provide quick coverage, anti-Adblock technology, and a high fill rate to publishers.

Publishers may sign up, establish their ad tags, and start serving advertisements virtually instantly thanks to the ad exchange’s user-friendly interface.

3- Zoomd

Zoomd combines 600 media sources to enable marketers and publishers to reach their KPIs using their patented performance-based platform.

For any ad operations team trying to optimize their processes, integrating all of these third-party measurement solutions saves time and money.

Zoomd, one of the most prominent CPC ad networks, also includes CPI, CPO, CPE, and CPA business models, as well as fraud detection built-in. They deliver high-quality adverts in a variety of forms, including banners, in-app, interstitial, native, offer wall, rich media, text, and video ads.

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