The greatest way to ensure publisher development and success in 2022 is to collaborate with the top blogger and publisher ad network in the industry. Continue reading to learn which ad networks in 2022 are the best and most practical for you to use this year.

Ad networks facilitate communication between consumers and digital publishers, assisting companies in locating the right customers. Publishers would have to bargain with those who are interested in advertising if ad networks didn’t assist pool demand.

Nowadays, people are earning money more and more frequently through online advertising. Many bloggers, business owners, and content creators rely on online advertising as they constantly look for new ways to market their products or services.

Using ad networks, which are usually provided for websites and mobile apps, you can increase traffic from anywhere. By enticing users inside and outside of your network to share your content, advertising also increases the visibility of your brand. By determining which advertising material promotes and which does not, you may create better content.

Publishers can look to a variety of networks for help in maximising their advertising return on investment in a constantly changing digital economy (ROI). We’ve examined several of the biggest advertising networks available and selected the top ones for all types of publications to consider for 2022 in order to save you time and increase your chances of success.


A platform for full-stack ad monetization with 12 years of experience, MediaFem. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, they have developed a strong and user-friendly system to aid in the growth and success of your website. They enjoy being able to offer publishers content that is of a higher calibre than that offered by other ad networks.

MediaFem offers a format for every need because personalization is essential. In addition to pop-unders, there are other placement possibilities that can be customised to the structure and appearance of your website. The best part is that there are no additional fees involved. They operate at a 70-30% rate, which implies that the publishers receive 70% of the earnings and will receive their payment in just 53 days.

This technology is among the best on the market because they have integrated ad serving for display, mobile, video, and more.


A variety of ad forms are available on the desktop and mobile YlliX ad network, including popunders, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads. It provides immediate account acceptance, fair pricing, thorough reports, and prompt payments.

They welcome traffic and publishers from all around the world, and the payment threshold is really cheap. They provide a variety of payment choices, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your preferences or your needs.


Founded in 2011, PopMyAds is a US-based business. This tool has an intriguing feature in that it accepts sites on any subject, including those with pornographic content, and reviews your website in 24 hours.

They don’t require a minimum amount of traffic to register, and you can make money off of any visitor in the world. Their software allows you to easily calculate your profits and keep track of your earnings with real-time statistics.