Spare time is precious these days. Having the chance to take a break and do something you like is one of the best feelings. In fact, with remote ways to work, the lines between work and relaxation are blurred. That is, leisure time is a growing trend to level up concentration and encourage work motivation.


Furthermore, one of the most common activities during off-hours is to lay on a cozy couch and enjoy a movie from home. 


Moreover, there’s a wide variety of websites that provides film premieres from all over the world. Some of them are completely free and some of them are paid streaming ones. 

Simultaneously to online movies demand, there is a growing market for this. These kinds of websites are getting bigger and more popular through the internet every day. 


To summarize, if you are a film buff and you are considering making a website to share both from Hollywood to Bollywood productions, don’t hesitate to monetize it.




Certainly, the best way to do it is by choosing an ad network.
That is, advertisers are connected to websites that want to host adverts through this organization. 

Besides, an ad network’s primary job is to aggregate ad supply from publishers and match it with advertiser demand.


To display adverts in specified regions of your website, most ad systems use an automated network. You get a portion of the commission when a customer responds to this material (by watching, clicking on, or making a purchase through the ad), with the remainder going to the network.


1- Mediafem

This is a full-service SSP platform with over 12 years of ad monetization experience situated in the United Kingdom.


Several publishers acquire ad codes to persuade people to read more articles on the same site or to increase referral traffic revenue.

Publishers may access tools, intelligence reports, and customization choices through the network, which is driven by a strong prediction engine.


As a result of their use of MediaFem, publishers receive 70% of the revenue earned by the service. These percentages are the same for all publishers, regardless of where they are located, and they are not averaged.


You can join MediaFem by clicking here.


2- AppNexus

AppNexus is a US-based multinational technology company that runs a cloud-based software platform that enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising. You can see the website of its holding company (Xandr) here.


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The PubMatic platform allows independent app developers and publishers to take control of and build their digital advertising businesses. Marketers can boost their ROI by reaching and engaging their target consumers in brand-safe, premium environments across a number of ad formats and platforms. 


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