If something characterizes this modern era, it is the immediacy with which things are experienced. Today it seems that everything happens at a dizzying pace and that in order not to miss anything you must be 100% connected. The quintessential definition of the millennial generation: connection. Therefore, if You Are Short Of Money, Try Monetizing Your Blog, and take advantage of being online for so long.

Those born between 1981 and 1996, better known as millennials, are the ones who have best incorporated these changes, but how does this influence their personal finances and consumption habits?

Millennials are people who are currently between 25 and 40 years old. They are estimated to be the largest, best-educated, and most diverse generation in history. However, this is largely not due to his handling of money, but to the lack of certainty, that exists today in the markets and jobs.

Raise your hand who was born in the 90’s and didn’t have a blog. I thought so. We have all had a blog and probably still have access to it. Of course, nobody will be interested in seeing what you wrote when you were an edgy teen of 14 years, but maybe you can reinvent this space to create content. Next, I will leave you a list of benefits of having your own personal blog, but the best of them is that you can monetize it, and earn money easily by sharing your experiences, your art, your work, or whatever you like with others. want.

10 Benefits of having a personal blog

1. Create a personal signature
A blog helps you create online reputation, to define your digital identity. You have to work and take care of your online signature or what is the same but sounds cooler, your Personal Branding. This brand is your representation in the network, and it can help you a lot when looking for a job, if you have it well worked.

2. Have your own website
It is your territory, you can show who you are, how you are and what you do, a website where you can create and share your tastes to your heart’s content. You’re going to love it when you start receiving visits to the blog, that readers come by and see your work, and even give their opinion! You have the opportunity to expose to the world what you do in this life.

3. Show yourself as you are
You must be yourself and write as you are, don’t be “guru” or too politically correct if you are not in person. Being able to express yourself without hesitation about what you want, and not even if it occurs to you to think “anyone can write about this”, because NOBODY is going to do it the same as you. Don’t be afraid to write about a typical topic, everyone has a way of expressing themselves, write in your own words, be authentic.

4. Boost your skills
You already know what your strengths are, put your skills into practice and exploit them to the fullest so that everyone knows what you’re good at. You will strengthen your creativity and mentality. Having to invent, innovate, and search is the best way to communicate.

5. Know yourself more
You discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. Demand, effort, perseverance… Some of the personal values ​​that will surprise you.

6. Network
Making lifelong contacts… A blog gives you the chance to establish personal and professional relationships online with people you don’t know, who live on the other side of the world, but who share your tastes. Professionally it’s great, collaborations arise, possible job offers, new challenges… And personally it’s a lot of fun, you end up making good friends.

7. Improve your cover letter
A blog reflects your personality, how you write, what skills you have, how you relate, if you are methodical and organized, what personal values ​​you have… You may be surprised by the number of things a blog can say about its author. It is very useful in the job search, because a blog adds value to your resume.

8. Learn continuously
Every post you write is a challenge, and it teaches you something. The blogger is in continuous learning. You will always learn something new when you move heaven and earth to find information. It happens a lot when a reader asks you a question, you will always fight for the answer even if you don’t know it.

9. Reinforce your self-esteem
It is an illusion, an overdose of positivity, a shot of energy to know that your blog is liked! That feeling of self-confidence knowing that you have written something powerful is great, but it is better when you start receiving congratulations, your readers comment on a post thanking you for what you share… Maximum satisfaction of doing things well.

10. Enjoy
Believe in yourself and enjoy what you do, your blog should entertain you, excite you and make you passionate. It should not be an obligation, but a virtual corner created from love where you can share your thoughts, tastes, and interests.

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