This post will be a goldmine of information for bloggers seeking methods to make money from their blogs.

Millions of consumers and suppliers participate every day in the contemporary, expanding activity of blogging. Both readers and bloggers rely on each other for survival. Even more intriguing is the possibility of earning money from each individual who views your material if you have your own unique personal blog. Yes, as you’ve read, you can easily and passively advance your accounting and traffic right now.

There are several methods to earn money online, but we’re certain that monetizing your own blog is the ideal way to do it while sitting on your couch and watching your metrics increase. It is simple, easy, and passive! There’s no reason to let this chance pass. It operates by placing advertisements on your website and paying you each time a user scrolls over or clicks on them.

There are several platforms that strive to do this, but not all of them employ the same tactics. In this sea of options that is the internet, it might be challenging to choose the best ad network that will promote your page and pay you money at the same time in a trustworthy and effective manner. When browsing for an ad network, you’ve most likely come across Google AdSense. With over 10 million websites employing it, it is the most commonly utilized platform on the internet.

Google AdSense is a strong competitor, maybe the biggest, but it doesn’t mean that it is the best one for every enterprise on the web. Not all the companies are the best ones for each type of blog. You need to be conscious about your particular characteristics, about the goals you aim for, and the benefits and requiements that the company that you are analysing is offering to you. It is not as simple as it seems to be at the beginning.

We recommend you create simple lists with your active, in blog terms. Another with your objectives and expectationsOnce you have it all clear, you can start searching for your virtual right hand that will handle you to the clouds.

In this way, we hope to give you a first glimpse of the three best companies that we believe are capable of making the majority of businesses shine.Get carefully informed and make your best choice. Don’t get mad with the several options, but don’t fall asleep.


A complete online advertising platform is MediaFem. They have created a robust and user-friendly system that enables the growth and success of your website by fusing cutting-edge technology with twelve years of market expertise. By offering pertinent material and using more complex techniques than other ad networks, you may develop eye-catching branding that will enhance your visitors. Their technology enables marketers to access higher-quality content than other ad networks. As a result of this platform’s speedy response to ad requests, each message will go to your potential clients as soon as feasible.

In exchange for services like showing MediaFem adverts, publishers earn 70% of MediaFem’s revenue. Your first reward is $100, assuring a consistent stream of money as your clientele increases. Publishers may also get paid using conventional payment methods like PayPal. It is recognised as one of the most fair electronic arbitrage systems in the market and the quickest payer in terms of payment durations.

Visit FAQ for a range of answers if you wish to learn more.


Another well-known native advertising platform is Outbrain. With its distinctive features, top-notch publisher network, ongoing upgrades, and first-rate customer service, Outbrain stands out from the competitors.

For you to be qualified for Outbrain, your monthly page views must be at least 10 million. There is no minimum payment required and you can choose between CPC and CPM pricing models. For display and video advertisements, Outbrain also provides native advertising in the feed and within articles.


Publishers may fully manage their inventory thanks to Adversal, a self-service advertising platform. Native, video, and display advertising formats are all supported. Their ad tag is designed to fend off ordinary cybercrime while still abiding by privacy laws like the GDPR.

Companies in the publishing sector are free to define their own goals, and Adversal will support them in doing so. A blogger must own the domain name and have at least 50k monthly visitors in order to utilise Adserval. They also prohibit illegal content and graphic sexual content.


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