Are you looking for new ideas to monetize your video ads without using Adsense? This is the article for you. We’ve gathered the best 3 platforms to use so you can start monetizing the right way. Continue reading and find out about them.

Video has been a popular medium in recent years and will continue to be so in the future. Video advertising is an incredibly efficient kind of web marketing because it can be targeted at specific customers who are very likely to buy from you. Businesses can target only those clients who are interested in their products or services with video ads.

Platforms do not waste money trying to reach out to the wrong people since they only pay for consumer involvement when it is requested. According to video marketing data, 78% of consumers view videos online at least once a week, and 55% watch them everyday. To learn about a new product or service, 69 percent of respondents stated they would rather watch a brief video. 

Placement of adverts on websites, on the other hand, is today one of hundreds of ways to make money online. Ad networks make money by displaying adverts on websites and getting paid when people click on or scroll over them. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn money in an easy and passive manner.

These platforms employ your algorithms, as well as the algorithms of your users, to show the most relevant advertising, assisting you in improving your page and earning potential. Each connection with the publication will help you not just financially, but it will also boost your flow. These are all compelling reasons to take advantage of this online money-making opportunity.

There are many web-based services available, but not all of them follow the same guidelines or are regarded in the same esteem. You must be exceedingly cautious and pay great attention to every element while selecting the platform that will handle your site. Consider the fact that you’ll be able to reach every Android device in a broader geographic area than before.

In this scenario, we’ve gathered data and determined which solutions we believe are the best for you.


MediaFem is a well-run business that is courteous, considerate, and knowledgeable. It works by interpreting the content of a website or blog with an algorithm in order to display a relevant ad to researchers. After the initial impression, you enter the ad data provided by the branding provider and are paid each time someone clicks or scrolls on it. You don’t need a starting wage to start working. On the internet, it thinks highly of you. The earnings-to-pay ratio of the company is 70-30. You have 70 people representing you, yet the firm only has 30.

Unlike other ad networks, this one concentrates on supplying bloggers with high-quality material. It responds swiftly to ad requests, making sure that each feature is showcased to the fullest extent possible.

Read the FAQMediaFem for additional information.


TrafficStars is a self-serve ad network that allows for open real-time bidding (RTB). For publishers, companies, designers, and marketers, this platform makes obtaining and providing strong worldwide traffic simple and effective.

Their straightforward ad serving technology is combined with a bidding system that allows companies to compete for our publishers’ traffic. TrafficStars is a global entertainment firm with offices all over the world.


Adintop is a digital advertising network that provides dependable, distinctive, and cost-effective advertising solutions. Its solutions are made up of cutting-edge items that are provided through its channels and serve specific campaign objectives while also combining increased viewer optimization.