Are you considering creating a parenting blog? Are you curious about the earnings of parenting blogs and parent bloggers? Perhaps you’re concerned that your blog won’t be profitable.

Parenting blogs are a great way to get money!

What are some of the ways that parent bloggers make money?

Parent bloggers generate money in five different ways from their sites.

  • They make money by displaying adverts on their blog.
  • Affiliate commissions are earned when products are purchased through links on their blogs.
  • Companies pay for ad space or for the blogger to mention them in a post through private advertising and sponsorships.
  • They sell their own products and services, such as a digital parental calendar, printables, and an eCourse, among other things.
  • Free gifts from companies (sure, this isn’t real money, but it counts!).

The majority of parent bloggers earn money from a combination of these 5 revenue streams on a monthly basis. In reality, I don’t know a single successful blogger who doesn’t have multiple sources of income.

Blogging isn’t like a traditional career where you only get paid from one source. Rather, your total revenue is made up of several diverse income streams.

Every blog is different; some make the most of their money from advertising and a few affiliates, while others make the majority of their money from product sales and affiliates and don’t even run ads!

The great thing about blogging is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach! Instead, there are a million distinct approaches to achievement.

In this opportunity I will give you a brief overview of platforms for you to start generating money by displaying ads on your blog.


MediaFem is an internet advertising platform with a lot of features. Using cutting-edge technology and 12 years of industry expertise, we’ve created a powerful and simple-to-use system to help your website develop and prosper.

You may develop eye-catching advertising that will increase your visitors by providing relevant material and using the most efficient methods than other ad networks.

Publishers earn 70% of the revenue generated by MediaFem in connection with the service in exchange for displaying advertising with MediaFem. Standard methods of payment, such as Paypal, are also supported for paying out publishers.


Another well-known supplier of branded content is Outbrain. It stands apart from the competitors thanks to its unique features, high-quality publishing company network, ongoing improvements, and great customer service.

To be considered for Outbrain, your website must receive at least 10 million monthly visitors; however, CPC and CPM pricing approaches are both accessible with a $0 minimum cost.

Outbrain offers native advertising in feeds and articles in addition to display and video ads.


PropellerAds is a display ad network established in the United Kingdom that works with both publishers and marketers all around the world. Promoters can use their self-serve platform or seek help from the PropellerAds team to manage campaigns. To get started, you’ll need to register and submit your website for inspection. Once your application is approved, you may start placing adverts on high-traffic websites to earn money.

On desktop devices, PropellerAds delivers push notifications, native ads, pop-unders, and interstitials, as well as pop-unders and interstitials. Mobile banner inventory is also available, but solely as part of their self-serve platform.