With a total of 33 countries and more than 650 million people living there, Latin America is today one enormous force on ad networks. Its market grows faster than other regions like the US and Europe, so it’s really important to notice that this is an attractive market to develop in.

Another critical factor to have in mind is that Latin America has a constant growth of internet penetration and has more internet users than US inhabitants. Right now, the country with the most internet users is Brazil and their estimated GDP is ranked like this:

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Columbia
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Dominican Republic


So, if you’re looking for monetizing your content in Latin America, we highly recommend you check out these top 3 best CPM ad networks:

1. MediaFem

This is a software that connects content websites with advertisers through programmatic platforms (Google Ad manager, etc), charging a commission on-site revenue generated by the software itself. 

The usage of Ad Styles is perhaps MediaFem’s greatest benefit since it catches the viewer’s attention on a higher level, increasing the likelihood that they will click on the advertisement, resulting in greater profit. Another important advantage is that MediaFem uses a 70 percent revenue share arrangement for publishers, which is not averaged at all. It is also unaffected by the physical location of the publisher.

MediaFem supports all video, display, mobile, and native formats. It also publishes advertising on a regular basis. You may choose from a number of different placement options, all of which can be customized to match the style and appearance of your website. MediaFem offers a range of header bidding options to make the most of real-time bidding.

It’s crucial to note that MediaFem only rewards publishers who have a balance of at least $100 at the end of the month. You’ll have to wait 53 days for the payment to be submitted if this happens. Furthermore, MediaFem allows your site to have up to five advertisements per page and three ads per screen on mobile apps.


2. Taboola

This ad network matches campaigns to specific publishes and presents its content in a newsfeed format. Its main features are A/B testing, online content discovery, and native advertising. Taboola is really useful for setting up campaigns and it provides many options for targeting. It also supports several audiences. However, it has not a friendly interface or performance whitelisting. 

You’ll pay for your advertisements on a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mill) basis with Taboola. The amount you’ll be charged for each click (on CPC) or view (on CPM) on one of your advertisements is determined by your bid. Only when someone clicks on your advertisements as part of a campaign do you have to pay.

3. Grumft

Grumft is a premium ad network based in Brazil that has a strong Latin American presence. They provide a personalized and straightforward service that makes use of cutting-edge technology to boost productivity and engagement.

It’s a programmatic media ad network that brings premium revenue in display and video, mobile, desktop, and AMP versions, with the same quick and easy setup as Google Adsense. Their mission is to connect leading advertisers with content producers of any size, democratizing premium access to any website worldwide, offering the optimization of their ads with increased revenue.



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